Bird Net/screen

Secure Screens has developed a special Net to get rid of this menace caused by Pigeons without hurting or killing them. This net is made of 100% CO-POLYMER NYLON and Transparent in colour having mesh size of 1.25” square. The advantages of this Nylon Net are given below.

  1. Nets made of CO-POLYMER NYLON are very STRONG and DURABLE
  2. Being very TRANSPARENT in colour, these nets are not very much visible and hence do not affect the aesthetic look of the place.
  3. These nets being ULTRA VOILET STABILISED do not get affected by SUN-LIGHT or RAINS.
  4. These nets do not block AIR or LIGHT.
  5. The fixing of nets is done on hooks and can be easily removed and REFIXED.
  6. These nets are ECONOMICAL compare to Steel or Aluminium nets.
  7. These nets are CUSTOMISED and can be fabricated in any size as per the Client’s requirement.
  8. There is no need to CLEAN these nets like metal nets as dust does not gather on these nets.
  9.  There is no problem of RUSTING or CORROSION like metal nets.
  10.  The menace of Pigeons can be solved in HARMLESS manner by fixing nets without hurting or killing them.

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